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Thought at 2 am

Posted by Yubi1or1Jeb - January 20th, 2021

I shouldn't put to much of my time, on some video games.

I know i need keep studying and learning how to work and get money while I'm still alive.

But i procrastinate alot with video games because typing words all day on the keyboard makes my head feels dizzy.

I also know that all i have to do is change the time to play video games with my time to do something.

But my hobby don't give me that much of happiness.

I just don't feel making something gave me anything. Mentally,

My works doesn't feel appreciated, or even noticed, even i can't appreciate my own works.

Well at least i've accept the reality long time ago,

I guess my best ability is to accept anything.


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Hey, it's okay man, I'm in school too, and I know how it feels as your work means nothing. I also love to play video games when I'm supposed to be working. You can always try a 40/20 rule. Work for 40 mins and relax for 20 mins. You have your time to work and your time to relax and rethink some things. Also, don't worry about others because only you can make a change today. I think you can do anything possible if you set your mind to it.

I wish you the best in school and your life.

I'm on college dude, and i have a small part time job with low pay.

It's hurt me because my whole week money only enough to buy a food for a day, lol

Thanks for the advice though

@CreeperFace047 @Yubi1or1Jeb Hey try budgeting. Dave Ramsey offers an app called EveryDollar and I use it to help get by. Yes budgeting is hard but if you know where your money is going to know how to spend it right.